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FM MP3 ADAPTER for 93-02 F-Body RPZ189C


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The high-quality, American-made MP3-ME allows you to enjoy music in digital sound from your ‘smart’ phone or other portable music source (including MP3, iPod, CD player, Satellite Radio, or any other device with a 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) headphone jack) without changing your existing radio and speakers. The MP3-ME’s compact package makes it easy to hide behind the dashboard, preserving the appearance of your Dash. The MP3-ME is optimized for ALL AM-FM tuners, either factory and aftermarket, either mono or stereo. The MP3-ME routes music from your portable media player directly into your car’s factory radio (and automatically bypasses the antenna), so there is never any broadcast radio interference. MPE-ME installation is quick and simple: 1) “tee” the MP3-ME coaxial cables between the radio’s antenna socket and the vehicle’s antenna cable, 2) connect to vehicle power at the fuse panel, and 3) connect to chassis ground. (Best of all, you can contact the inventor directly if you need help or have technical questions!) Tune your radio to 91.1 FM, plug the MP3-ME audio cable into your media player’s headphone socket, set the media player’s volume level to about 2/3 of full. Use the dashboard radio to adjust music volume and enjoy! Fits; 93-2002 Firebird, Trans Am and Camaro 1997-2004 Chevy & GMC Trucks This will fit all other radios utilizeing the mini motoral radio connectors DO NOT COMPARE THIS UNIT TO THE COUNTLESS PIECES OF CIGARETTE LIGHTER CHINA JUNK BEING SOLD ON EBAY! THEY SIMPLY DO NO NOT GIVE YOU A QUALITY SOUND THAT MATCHES YOUR OEM RADIO. This unit does not take up your cigarette lighter. It does not experience ANY interference from other radio stations. It does not fall apart after a week You don’t have to lose your ability to play CD’s on your factory unit It delivers digital quality sound! Always! It’s made in the USA! Matt suggested lowering the volume on the iPhone 7 before plugging into the unit. Once plugged in then adjust the volume according to my listening pleasure. I also discovered, being the iPhone 7 has eliminated the receptacle to plug in your headphone from the bottom of the phone (like the iPhone 6) , you need to use the lightening connector now to accept the mini plug from the radio unit. The aftermarket lightening adapters (NON Apple products) claim to be able to plug the lightening adapter into the phone then allow you to plug in your headphones while also permitting you to plug in your charger lightening plug. This allows you to listen to music while simultaneously charging your phone. Purchased two different adapters from Amazon, neither one works as advertised. The single use adapter that came with the iPhone 7 is working fine.

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