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69-81 GM Lower Steering Column Bearing Kit RPI589B

69-81 Lwr Stg Col Bearing Kit

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Also fits: 69-77 Grand Prix & 69-81 Firebird.
69-88 GM A & G Body 76-02 F-Body

This kit replaces the factory GM bushing kit found at the base of the main sterring column. It replaces the following 4 GM part #’s – Adapter(7805822), Bearing(7805700), Retainer(7804440), & retainer clip(7804439). Ideally you would want to replace this if you are changing the lower steering shaft or replacing the steering coupler that attaches to the gear box. The reason is the lower steering shaft has to be removed to slip the old bearing assembly out and to install the new one. You do not have to remove the main steering shaft that this bearing kit goes on to. Comes with instructions.

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