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64 2+2 Trunk Lid Fender Emblem


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These emblems have been reproduced using a low pressure casting process. There will be imperfections in the mold which reflects in the final product. Although these are small imperfections, they will be noticeable upon close inspection. Imperfections include slight pitting in the chrome on flat surfaces, slitght distortion and/or warping of emblem, and/or mounting pins, variations in paint since done by hand and emblem shrinkage. We only use this process on very limited edition emblems in order to give customers an option that is far more cost effective than rechroming finding original emblems. We feel these emblems are a great value for all but the most descriminating enthusiast. Because of the unique nature of these we will not allow exchanges. As always, if you are not satisfied with these, return and refund is no problem. This trunk lid emblem Comes with 2 speed nuts.

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