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04-06 GTO Center Support Bearing LMP4328

04-06 Center Support Bearing

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2004-2006 Pontiac GTO Center Support Bearing.

This GTO bearing fits 04-06 models although the driveshafts are different in 2004 vs. 05-06 model years.

There is a method to replace this piece without having to replace the entire driveshaft. If you are handy, it can be done.

LMP4328 Installation Instructions

1. Take the u joint part of the drive and clamp it into a vice (and no someone’s buddy just can’t hang on to it.)

2. After you have it clamped good and tight, take a hammer and hit the end of the driveshaft that goes to the transmission. NOT the end that goes to rear end and be sure not to hit it as hard as you can. That way you don’t bend or break the tabs that the bolts slide into.

3. Once split apart tear off the ring with all the rubber that has failed until just the bearing is left then take a hammer and a chisel and hit on the back side of the bearing till it slides off. It’s kind of tricky because the bearing will want to spin.

4. After bearing is removed slide on new bearing but do not hit bearing with hammer to get it to slide on. Instead take the other half of the driveshaft and use a hammer and piece of wood to hit the two pieces together again and that will set the bearing back in place.

5. Make sure that you have marked both pieces of the driveshaft so there are no vibrations.

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