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04-06 GTO SAP Grilles Inserts ABS PTM LMP2212

04-06 GTO SAP Grilles

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2004-2006 Pontiac GTO SAP (Sport Appearance Package) Reproduction Grilles.

These reproduction grilles have always been long sought after at a reasonable price and delivery time.

The grilles are a two-piece design made out of ABS plastic. They have the honeycomb inserts that attach to the grille surrounds via screws. A removable GTO emblem is installed on the driver’s grille. Grilles are attached using the stud design and mount through the stock tab housings.

Do not settle for cheap imitator knock offs. GTOG8TA was the one that went thru all the design, development and tooling for the most superior grilles that have ever been available on the market! Some don’t even put the ‘GTO’ name logo on their grilles. Support a company that supports you and the hobby!

All kits are sold with both the surrounds AND honeycombs. You cannot buy them separately.

Two styles to choose from:

Black ABS: These are nice enough to put directly on a car. Not color matched to PBM. Will need to be sanded and prepped if you want to color match yourself.
Gloss Black: These come pre-painted but are not color matched to PBM. Would be great for any non PBM car.

With NO WAIT TIME to make!!!

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