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04-06 GTO OEM Style Dash Gauge Pod LMP1115

04-06 OEM Dash Gauge Pod

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Made from the same high quality injection molded plastic as the factory trim piece our pod uses the factory clip points and supports and will house two 2 1/16″ gauges. Color is matched to GTO dash for a perfect OEM looking pod.

This pod will fit most 2 1/16″ standard gauges. Some gauges with larger outer ring/bezel will need to dremel out the gauge opening in order to fit tight.

Gauges are NOT included!

We recommend GlowShift gauges. GlowShift gauges comes in White or Black faces and light up in your choice of 7 different colors to match your factory gauge. This also beats spending $150 PER GAUGE on the other “GTO” style alternatives.

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