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86-02 VATS Ignition Cylinder Kit MT #3 LMF1251K03

TA Ign Cyl MT KIT #3 681 ohms

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This cylinder & key kit allows you to fix nagging security issues that plague 93-02 Firebirds and Trans Ams with VATS resistor keys. Security code issues arise from two design flaws. 1. Column switch design causes a slight rubbing of the wires that will create inaccurate ohms readings. 2. Cylinder tumblers wear and again cause intermittent ohms readings. Both problems send faulty information to the security system. Our components are OEM quality and the keys are OEM. NOT junky overseas replacements!!!

Until we designed this kit, owners have been at the mercy of taking their car to the local Dealer and paying upwards of $500 to make this repair. Now for one low price and a morning in the driveway, you can eliminate your ignition security issues.

Unlike all the other kits you see, our kits have the CORRECT factory GM key pre-cut! With those other kits, you still need to go buy the GM key and then get it cut to match the dummy key included.

Step 1- Identify the ohms rating of your key by using an ohm meter. If you don’t have one, bring your key to a Radio Shack and have them test it for you.
Step 2 – Order the correct kit based on your ohms rating.
Step 3 – We’ll cut the two VATS keys to your new ignition lock so it is ready to install
Step 4 -For do it yourselfers, follow the installation linstruction link (link coming soon)

#1 402 (386-438)
#2 523 (502-564)
#3 681 (654-728)
#4 887 (852-942)
#5 1130 (1085-1195)
#6 1470 (1411-1549)
#7 1870 (1795-1965)
#8 2370 (2275-2485)
#9 3010 (2890-3150)
#10 3740 (3590-3910)
#11 4750 (4650-4960)
#12 6040 (5798-6302)
#13 7500 (7200-7820)
#14 9530 (9149-9931)
#15 11800 (11328-12292)

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