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Great Whiskey Challenge

We design products that allow our customers to take both a casual and serious approach to indulging their passions and to have fun while doing so.

We offer the most comprehensive Blind tasting kits and tasting accessories on the market…. bar none… (pardon the pun).

Novice or Expert…. it’s all in good taste!

As the bourbon whiskey industry kept growing, we saw a need that was clearly not available on the market. The Original Great Whiskey Challenge is the only complete blind whiskey tasting kit on the market.

Nobody else gives you secret, durably printed coded glasses, a staging podium, a detailed note tasting pad and bottle ID coins all in one simple to use kit. On top of that, we added a ‘challenge’ aspect for multi-user social settings.

We make it easy enough for the novice to learn to taste and try new bourbon. We also make it sophisticated enough that even the experienced tasters will have fun and enjoy the challenge.

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