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Snappin Turtle - est. 1983
Oy Online Forums - est. 1991
PYCL - Est. 1993
GTO CH - Est. 2013
Cold-Case - set, 2014
Max Performance - est. 2015

Max Performance is one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers of classic muscle car and truck restoration parts. If you’ve restored a Pontiac GTO or Firebird, Chevelle, Nova, Mustang…chances are it’s got parts from Max Performance on it.

Max Performance Inc. has two things in mind every single day we do business. One is to strive for excellent customer service. Our dealers and customers are our number one priority. The second is to keep this great automotive hobby alive and kicking. In order for this car hobby to exist and continue on, manufacturers like us must keep bringing out new, high-quality products to market and for reasonable prices. Feel free to reach out and contact us today to see how we can help your business, and this hobby, continue to grow!

Take a look below at how this whole conglomerate of companies and product lines came about. One man’s basement hobby has become a successful family business, employing over 35 people.


Performance Years (now Max Performance) was started in the basement of Chris Casperson’s home in 1983. It started with a demand and need for restoration parts in the Pontiac industry. His original first car, a 67 GTO, became the inspiration behind the business that is still making parts for this same 67 GTO still today! Over time, the business of selling Pontiac parts grew into what became a full mail order catalog business serving over 100,000 Pontiac customers around the world. Not only did the retail business kick into high gear during the 1990s, but PY never stopped finding new products to reproduce for the classic Pontiac and GM market.


The PY Online Forums is the largest online gathering of Pontiac enthusiasts anywhere in the world. With the internet in its early stage, an online meeting place was needed to keep up with the times. It was the first online forum for people to gather and talk about their Pontiacs. Started in 1991, the PY Forums was created to ‘bring the hobby together.’ Since then, it has become the mecca of Pontiac technical data and knowledge that no other place can surpass. It has grown to over 60,000 members who have contributed over 4,000,000 posts! Want to know what that Pontiac part is from or for? Want to sell your Pontiac or some Pontiac parts? Want to find out what came original on a 1967 GTO? Want to make new Pontiac friends from around the globe? You can here on the PY Forums.


Also in 1991, a new division (Performance Years Quality Card Company) was created that produced and marketed automotive trading cards under the brand names Musclecards, Musclecards II, Mustang Cards, Shelby Signature Series, Mustang Cards II. Most of which have obtained almost mythical status. And although the trading card boom had come and gone, Performance Years continued to grow.

In 1993 the PYCL locks & keys division was started. Since its inception, PYCL have become the largest supplier of lock sets and components for all American made cars and trucks from 1930’s to the present day. The lock sets you see in all automotive mail order catalogs and online were probably made in our facility.


In 2001, Chris noticed a market change that saw Classic Car owners wanting to enjoy their rides more. DRIVING your classic became a must. And being able to go fast made driving all that much more fun. So in spite of cursing exhaust systems distribution for years because of constant fitment complaints, Chris Started what would eventually become known as Pypes Performance Exhaust. In 2009, both Performance Years and its now ‘bigger’ little brother Pypes were moving to a bigger facility spanning over 40,000 sq ft.


Performance Years had now been a major one stop shop mail order company of Pontiac restoration parts for 30 years now and at the same time was quietly responsible for producing hundreds of reproduction products for the restoration market from 1983 to present. That list is still growing today. In 2012, PYCL acquired Pat’s Corvette Locks, the leading automotive lock supplier in the Corvette industry. With this addition, PYCL now offers complete wholesale lines for GM, Ford, Mopar, and now Corvette NCRS lock sets as well.


In February of 2015, Performance Years sold its retail side of the company to concentrate more on the growing wholesale lines within the organization. A new corporate name was created to help better define the diversity of the product offerings available to the automotive aftermarket. Now doing business as Max Performance Inc, the focus turned strictly on supplying an existing dealer network with outstanding and innovative products coupled with excellent customer service. With 5 product lines to choose from, Max Performance is sure that it can help your business grow!

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