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The PPA Hall of Fame is an independent, non-profit educational institution dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the historical development of the Pontiac hobby and its impact on the industry by preserving the memory of those who have made outstanding contributions.

The Hall of Fame's mission is to preserve Pontiac's history, honor excellence within, and make a connection between the generations of people who enjoy classic cars. Induction into the PPA Hall of Fame is reserved for those who have made a significant impact on the Pontiac automobile as well as the hobby itself.

* Upon registering with us you will be able to take part in our online election to vote who will be inducted into the 1st annual ceremony. The election will be active starting early 2018 *

2018 1st Annual Nominees --- (Page 1)

Arnie Beswick

Arnie began drag racing Pontiacs more than forty years ago and still can be seen at various Nostalgic Racing
events around the country.

“I will keep going for as long as I’m physically able,”
the die-hard racer said a few years back.

Bill Collins Jr.

Assistant Chief Engineer at Pontiac, VP of Engineering at DeLorean Motor Company, Founder of Vixen Motor Company.

Fresh out of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and with a mechanical engineering degree in hand, 22-year-old William "Bill" Collins Jr. landed a road test project engineer position at Pontiac in 1954. "The V-8 debuted [for the 1955 model], and I felt very fortunate to be earning a living testing 0-60 acceleration and fuel mileage on new cars," he recalls.

Dennis Kirban

Given the fact that it dated all the way back to the late 1970’s, The Kirban Parts Listing may have been the single most influential publication in the GTO hobby.

Dennis not only saw something special about GTO's back then, he was almost single-handedly responsible for creating the market for adding various OEM accessories and options to the GTO that increased its value by making it more unique and special.

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